Industreal Porcelain Uni Container

So unique. And I'm not just saying that because I love eating uni nigiri.

White/black glazed porcelain. Designed by Giordano Redaelli.

Made in Italy

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Images: Rose & Radish

Wetter Indochine Cupcake Bowls

Argh! How cute would these look on the kitchen counter with some Hershey kisses inside?

Hand made form lacquer.

$16 / small
$39 / medium
Made in Vietnam

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Images: Rose & Radish

Mnkr "I Wish I Could Vote" T-shirt

Aww, I wish I could vote too! And I wish they had this in my size!

Water-based print on a 100% cotton t-shirt.


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Image: Mnkr Clothes

Moop Duffel Bag

I like all the hand-made bags from this designer based in Massachusetts, but especially this one. It's the ideal size for a smaller person and the colors are nicely utilitarian. For guys or girls.


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Image: Moop

Velvet Idole Macbook Case

Ohhh, isn't this nice? Hand-crafted computer case in calf leather. My black Macbook isn't much into fancy outerwear, but I bet other Macs would love it.

For Apple notebooks of all sizes. Also comes in nubuck, white and other prints.

65 euros

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Image: Velvet Idole


Ork City Neighborhood Poster

I ordered this future Chicago classic more than a few months back. Turned out the first print run had a typo in it, "Ukranian Village" instead of "Ukrainian Village" but the mistake has since been corrected. Ork Design also has similar posters for Boston, Brooklyn, Manhattan and San Francisco with many more cities to come.

This poster is 23” x 34” and is printed on 100% recycled white paper with soy-based inks. Available in colors
Spicy Red, Sweet Blue, or Black and White.


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Image: Ork Design


Paper Snake Scissors Necklace

I'd actually already ordered another scissor necklace, but changed my mind once I saw this one. It's just cute. I like necklaces that are "functional." For example, I have a necklace charm from Muji that's an umbrella. Good for rainy days, I say.

Made by Allison Wells, a Canadian jewelry designer and maker. Sterling silver, with your choice of 16", 18", 20" or 22" chain.


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Image: Paper Snake

The Laundress Sweater Stone

A practical gift for the practical friend who loves to wear sweaters. I have no clue how it works, but it makes perfect sense to have one.

The Laundress Sweater Stone® is an easy, convenient and environmentally safe way to remove pilling. Renew your clothes to that "just-bought" look.


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Image: The Laundress

For Like Ever Poster

For Valentine's Day, maybe? If you're a gushy romantic, it's totally fine, you know.

Limited edition of 25" x 38" posters silkscreen printed in pink and fluorescent red inks on acid-free paper. This edition supersedes the original poster, which was a non-archival untrimmed press sheet.


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Image: Village

Yoyo Ceramics Kitchen Tidy

Ahhhh! So cute!!!!! These are so adorable. Be sure to check out the other fantastic stuff on the Yoyo Ceramic website. It's from the UK, but it's cute enough to pay for the international shipping.

A really fun kitchen tidy to hang around on your kitchen surfaces. Need to put a mixing spoon down? Or pop a tea bag down without dripping along the floor to get to a bin – here’s a cool solution.

£29 for a set

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Images: Yoyo Ceramics


Yuka Yamaguchi Prints

I love these two prints side by side. Maybe for seafood lovers? Or sushi lovers?

These are high-quality digital prints using archival pigment inks on acid-free, 238-gram, 100% cotton paper. All prints are available in an open edition and each print is signed by the artist.

$25 / 8.5 x 11"
$45 / 11 x 14"

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Images: Yuka Yamaguchi

LA Tasting Olive Oils

I admit that the Philippe Starck tins look pretty cool, but as a big fan of olive oils in general, it's a great idea. I'd take this as a gift to a housewarming party.

Organically made from Spanish olives, these extra-virgin olive oils bring their unique flavors to a variety of foods. Delicate Suave complements fish and vegetables; robust Intenso finishes a steak or becomes a dip for bread. Packaged in tins by designer Philippe Starck.

Made in Spain

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Image: Crate & Barrel

Giorgio Fedon Card Case

I bought one for myself in navy from a department store in Tokyo back in mid-2006. Then it turned up in MoMA and I saw it at CitySuper! in Taipei. This past Christmas I gave a black one to my very professional friend Steve.

Clean-cut and essential designs are the hallmark of the Giorgio Fedon brand, established in 1919. This business and credit card holder is made from hard bent aluminum covered in Fedon's signature orange or classic black. Compact enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Made of PVC.

Made in Italy

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Images: MoMA Store

Taz Ah Mugs

Maybe $24 is a lot to spend on a mug, but for someone who's a big tea or coffee drinker, this would be an adorable one (or two) to add to the collection.

These seemingly typical white mugs deliver a surprise when used, revealing an amusing pig or dog snout on the bottom. Made of fine bone china. Dishwasher safe.

Made in England

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Images: MoMA Store

Letter Holder

Yep, I have this and I love it. Actually, I'm looking at it right now and I just smiled. I also gave one to my mum as a gift this past Christmas.

Organize your home or office with this letter holder which features a pictogram of an envelope on both sides. Made of powder epoxy-coated steel.

Made in France.

Gift it: MoMA Store

Image: MoMA Store


Sew U

For those friends who already bake, make soups and other crafty things.

Built by Wendy's how-to-sew guide which includes 3 basic patterns: pants, button down shirt and skirt. (Sizes 0-12 and XS-L)

This book gives basic sewing skills -- how to cut, sew, and light pattern making to alter these patterns so that they're built by YOU! In addition this teaches elements of design through pattern making and sewing techniques.


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Image: Built By Wendy

One Year of White Pages

I still have some new thin Moleskine notebooks in my stash, but these look like a fantastic idea. I don't know if I'd use a whole notebook each month, but for someone who keeps a journal, it would be ideal.

For the writer or artist, One Year of White Pages is a stack of 12 thick moleskin-bound books, tied up in a package. On each cover is a perforated hole denoting the month. The books are each filled with 80 pages of off-white plain paper. Every cover is embossed with “One Year of White Pages.”

Made in Italy.

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Images: Design Within Reach