Drakes Snowflake Scarf

My guy is pretty much a black, white, grey and khaki kind of guy. He's pretty suspicious of colors, so this lambswool scarf would blend in nicely with his current wardrobe. Plus it's unique in that it's British.

£26.00 (was £75.00)

Made in the U.K.

Gift it: From Oki-Ni

Image: Oki-Ni

Patricia Green Suede Travel Slippers

I'm thinking of getting these slippers for my mum. They're pretty simple and classic, and come with a zip-close carry case.

$47 (or $78 from PatriciaGreen.com)

Gift it: From Bluefly

Image: Bluefly

Alessi Egg Basket

Know someone who's really into boiled eggs for breakfast? This is pretty cute to have in the kitchen.


Gift it: Alessi USA

Image: Alessi.com


Lego Ice Cube Tray and Magnets

A friend's just moved apartments. Here are two fridge accessories that are always needed: ice cube trays and magnets. I really like these Lego ones. They're kind of classic in a "So I'm still a kid, so what?" way.


Gift it: Lego USA

$9.98 (on sale from $14.99)

Gift it: Lego USA

Images: Lego Shop

Forget Me Knot Silver Ring

So you've been dating a while and you need to get her a gift. Nothing too serious. Something cute...

By Kiel Mead


Gift it: From Built By Wendy

Image: Built By Wendy


Orrefors Pastillo Mini Votives

It doesn't get any better than this for $25. Crystal glass. Set of 6. They can be lined up along the windowsill or placed in a circle on the dining table. For tea lights, olives, or M&Ms even...


Gift it: From 2Modern

Image: 2Modern

31 Corn Lane Badminton Tote Bag

I really like the pseudo-sportiness of this canvas tote. So perfect for spring. (Holy crap, I can't wait for this Chicago winter to be over!) Oh, and the bag comes with a little badminton pin too...


Gift it: 31 Corn Lane

Image: 31 Corn Lane

Williams Sonoma Pig Cutting Board

Oh man, this is pretty cute. And it should be okay for vegetarians too, right? I mean, it's probably not meant to be a bacon-only cutting board...

This 5/8" thick board is crafted of New England maple, lightly distressed and stained to give it the appearance of an antique. 14" x 9".


Gift it: Williams Sonoma

Image: Williams Sonoma


London Transport Museum Posters

I've always loved those classic travel posters and it looks like the Tube is keeping that tradition alive. They've got a great selection of promotional posters for sale on the London Transport Museum web site. Lots of different styles, including some fantastic 'Tour de France' prints for the cycling enthusiast in your circle.


Gift it: London Transport Museum

Images: London Transport Museum

Shu Uemura Japanese Bath Oil

I'm one of those people who's more into skincare products than makeup products, but almost all the makeup stuff I do use is Shu Uemura. Their skincare stuff is good too, but I've still got lots (and I mean lots) of cleansers, masks and lotions left to use up before I should even be thinking about getting more. In the meantime though, here's something I think looks and sounds pretty luxurious for the price tag: traditional Japanese bath oil.


Gift it: Shu Uemura

Image: Shu Uemura


Marli Bottle Opener by Alessi

For the kid on his/her 18th birthday, if you're in Australia. Or 21st birthday, if you're in the U.S. Or just because, if you're in Europe.

Stainless steel. Made by Alessi.


Gift it: MoMA Store

Image: MoMA Store


Perfect Bodum Tea Set

Say hello to the perfect tea set for one. And I'm not talking about a tea cup and saucer because come on, what's really the point of a saucer? What a tea-lover really needs is a cup that keeps the tea hot, which this one does cause it's double-walled. And then something that keeps the cup hot too, which is the sole purpose of the tea warmer. Also it just looks cool, doesn't it?


Gift it: Bistro Double Wall Glass


Gift it: Tea Cup Warmer

Images: Bodum USA

Bodum Chocolate Jug

Mmm, hot chocolate...

The handle and the jug are made of heat-resistant, see-through borosilicate glass. The lid is made of stainless steel and plastic with a silicone gasket for better tightness. All parts are dishwasher safe. The manual blender can be fully disassembled for better cleaning.


Gift it: Bodum USA

Image: Bodum

Ikea Kulla Table Lamp

I'd never thought about giving lamps as gifts until I received one from a friend after I moved into my current place. She knows my taste inside and out, so of course I loved it. But I do know that it can be tough picking out things for the home. That's why you can't really go wrong with a simple design like this, and when it's from Ikea, it can be returned easy peasy.

Made of steel. 22" high.


Gift it: Ikea

Image: Ikea

Fishs Eddy Brooklyn Platter

More from Brooklyn. A cute platter from Fishs Eddy. 12" x 12".


Gift it: Fishs Eddy

Image: Fishs Eddy

Lorena Barrezueta Dip Tray

Remember those disposable tin trays that used come with take-out food? Well, here it is made of fine porcelain. The collection includes take-out containers of all shapes and colors, but I think just one is enough as a conversation piece.

Made in Brooklyn

Gift it: From ReForm School

Images: ReForm School