Maptote Chicago Canvas Bag

I ordered this in white last week and it's pretty much your typical canvas bag, except the Chicago graphic is super cute. The website I ordered it from, Creatures of Comfort, only had the white version, but I much prefer this black one...

100% cotton. Also available in a dozen other U.S. and international cities.

$20 for black
$15 for white

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Images: Maptote

MoMA Store: Desk Tower

I have a friend who's an interior designer who this would be perfect for. I can already imagine it on her desk, towering -- if you will -- over her other workspace accoutrements.

Un-stack this pyramid-shaped design object to reveal four practical desk accessories in contrasting colors: a paper- weight, paper clip holder, pencil cup, and memo pad. Made of ABS resin. (Two shown in picture.)

Made in Japan

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Image: MoMA Store

J Crew Polka Dot Bikini Top

Hmmm. Yes. I know it's unlikely anyone would ever gift a 50s style polka-dot bikini top -- unless it was a boyfriend/husband who loved that Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song (yes, it comes in yellow...) -- but I'm putting this up anyway. This is too adorable not to.

Made in U.S.A.

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Image: J Crew

Verre Glass Earrings

I love these. So simple and elegant. Every time I come across earrings like these, I start to consider getting my ears pierced...

In sterling silver. Shown in color #89 (our of 99 colors).


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Image: Verre New York