Jimi Wallet

For boyfriends who don't carry a "real" wallet, but instead use a butterfly or money clip, and have experienced their money and license and credit card fly everywhere at least once. In public.

The Jimi™ wallet is a compact, colorful, and water resistant answer to the stodgy outdated leather wallet. It’s designed to slip into your front pocket, purse, or around your neck on a lanyard.


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Iittala Aalto Small Tray in 1937 Green

This re-release of an original Aalto color from 1937, this deep green glass tray is another work of modern art by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. Can be used for serving candies or nuts, or simply put on display.

Measures: 6" L x 7.5" W x 2" tall (15 x 19 x 5 cm)

Originally $110
Now $55

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Stelton Vacuum Jug

At $80, this is the best price I've seen online for this Danish classic. Lots more colors available on the iloveuma site.

Made from ABS plastic with a glass vacuum sealed interior, these jugs are ideal for keeping things at temperature.


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Stelton Water Jug

I love the vacuum version of this jug with its great colors, but the price of this water jug can't be beat.

This water jug by Stelton is the perfect thing for cool beverages. Approximately 72 oz capacity.


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Lexon On/Off Alarm Clock

This alarm clock by Lexon has a unique tippy design. Instead of little buttons to turn off the alarm just tip the entire clock to the other side.


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Savon de Marseille Soap

Savon de Marseille Soap by La Compagnie de Provence of France is all natural biodegradable soap. Made in a cauldron according to the traditional recipe for marseille soap, this liquid soap is naturally glycerined and is free of coloring agents, animal fats and surface-active agents. presented in our famous glass pump dispenser.

Available in 3 scents Orange, Fresh Verbena, and Summer Grapefruit. 16.9 oz glass container.

$18 each

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Swiss Spice Salt and Pepper Shaker

The Swiss Spice Salt and Pepper Shaker solves an age-old problem: How do you keep your important condiments dry and well-contained while hiking, biking, camping or mountain climbing? The lightweight, refillable shaker has a stainless steel spring system to keep the lids firmly in place when not in use. Waterproof and made from food-grade polymer, the Shaker is a smart solution for use in a compact kitchen, on the patio or in the park and can also be used to stash other items that can benefit from humidity-free portable storage.

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